Knowing what defines you brings you closer to being your most powerful.

- Oprah 


Let’s go in

Let's go in 

Dive to the depths 

Hearts filled of emotions 

Go into this ocean 

Sea of love 

the same way we found nemo

Let's swim deeper  

Just keep going

Further down you'll find 

The crevices of our thoughts 

Layers beneath 

No inhibition 

What's between you & me though? 

Urchin in the way  you react 

Releasing these true facts 

Yet you decide to neglect 

Without a second guess 

Solid like a rock 


You can't seem to let go 

Past thoughts 

It's like being stuck in a past life 

You've evolved 

Yet you can't adjust

Out of place 

Out of tune

Out of touch

Jelly slips 

Right out of hand 

Conundrum, commotion 

Where's the devotion ? 

Sun set right before dusk 

Time to put the work in 

Before we both self destruct 

Feelings are not to be toyed with 

Yet , this is us 


By Your Side

Was where my heart yearns 

Yet in this life 

One must navigate 

Right on trust Ave 

Left on forgiveness street 

Swerved into guilt city 

Emotions felt within thee 

Straight down to lonely

One couldn't let go of thee 

Vivid as day 

Thus , couldn't be life 

Sped on the freeway 

Led me to the heat of the sands 

Grappling hands 

I am who I am 

You are who you ought 

Lest thee has forgot 

I was all you ever needed in time 

Me , the real was all you ever got

That's such a twist 


austin-chan-275638-unsplash (1).jpg

Leaves are falling


My strength is too 

Cold winter night 

What shall I do ? 


Study study

Work work 

I don't pop perks 

Yet, I don't know what's worse 

To push the one you love away 

To live with a hurt 


Mind versus heart 



Nostalgic of all the happy times 

Shivers the mind 


You can't keep her in a chokehold 

What you had ? 

Is becoming o'so old 

It's cold baby 

I'm out here 


My feelings left 

Like leaves 

Trampled over 

Raked to the side 

You still have your pride 

See , baby when you look st me ? 

Deep down inside 

The fire is out 

Now the air is stale 

Just like my new heart 

You didn't cherish the artistry 

You know ? 

Of us 

Of we 

Of being , connected 

The intimacy 

The passion ? 

What happened baby? 

Oh , you left me 


In  ... the ... cold.... 


Reserve Your Adventure

Sounds of the guitar




Into the soul 

Sensitivity and compassion 

Riding slow , in the fast lane 

You keep going about life 

As if 

As if you're alright

You convince yourself 

You have time 

Before you know it 

You're older 

Are you ....Wiser? 

Have you taken heed

To the needs 

Your purpose 

Don't take things for face value

Ask questions 

Keep your eyes open 

Don't keep joking 

What will your impact be ? 

Kids grow fast 

Good die young 

Your life has just begun 

Buckle down 

Not to conform 


Into you 

Be you 

Before you know it 

You'll have all these thoughts of what could have 

Should have 

I can't wait to dance in the rain 

Don't wallow in pain 

Before you know it 

Life comes at you fast 

I must be me