as you go along about your way 

as you go along about your way 

don't look back 

You left for a reason 

In your life for a season 

Inconsistency is unhealthy 

How will my love be nourished 

Yet I'm so deprived 

You tug and pull , thriving off my pain 

Yet you think I'm alive 

Constant shadows 

Wallowing in darkness, sorrows 

Why can't you breathe here 

Breed peace

deeply rooted are scars of pain

Curate love 

false prétentions, selfish gain 

Grow exponentially 

Intentionally for good 

Now , I've reached an apex 

Without you , the seed continues to grow 

concrete cracks all around 

had it suffocating for so long 

now , watered with care 

rained  down  tenderness 

and now it's blooming .. 

goodbye gloomy days 

I'll keep the sunshine rays. 

adrian marcusComment