Conception of more work equals more pay 

Conception of more work equals more pay 

Yet there's a price paid indirectly 

Be adamant about your energy 

Who you're more in tune  with 

Frequencies are consistent 

Some of us can't be content 


Don't diminish yourself below your value 

Even when in desparity 

Seek God , clarity reveals 

Waves or not. 

Don't allow people, things rather 

To directly or indirectly 

Abuse you 

Your drive 

Your will 

Yet, you still push

Sometimes you need a flashback 

where you're from will not keep you forever 

Like a balloon , let go 

Far into the sky 

Just be free 

Go as far as you'd like 

You'll remember where home is 

At the end of the fight ... 

adrian marcusComment