don't you know how much

don't you know how much 

we care 

We fight 

We love

We heal 

We extend ourselves 

Beyond measure 

For you to walk 


Abandoning your fellow sister 

Ever since we came on this planet 

Engraved in our hearts 

A sixth sense 

To protect the ones who belong to us 

Who feel 

Who share the same stigaaamasssssss 

Black brotha 

My brotha 

I adore ya 

Do you know who represent ? 

Don't do things you'll regret 

Later on 

You'll be wishing 

You had time to repent 

And in turn , I pray you realize 

You're a God. 

Only a few can understand. 

Don't let them nail you to that cross

Only to pay for sins you didn’t commit 

Yet , that’s not it 

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