Footnotes for you 

Footnotes for you 

Maybe if you ..

openly were yourself you wouldn't be so choked 

Choked in a sense of suffocation 

That voice inside of you

Oh how it wants to be free 

Let's do a reflection 

As a child you're constantly told 

Low and behold , what to do

What to say 

How to go 

Through your adolescence

there's a transition

People may say certain things

Now you think for yourself 

You can't rebuttal 

Yet , you tip toe 

Tip toe around others ideas 

Just to keep them as a friend 

Not a foe

Yet , if you don't let that voice out

You will go 

Go where ? 

You will be lost 

For now you're no longer

This mere toddler

Who has no sense of direction 

You've been led by them 

Equipped with the right tools 

Get off of the stool 

On to your two feet 

Stop being afraid , 

That lil voice inside of you 

Is ready , ready to be ...  

unleashed and set free 

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