like a note you can't quite tune out 

like a note you can't quite tune out 

constant ringing 

exquisitely played 

hands in an awkward position 

one who has a void 

the dissonance of the melody 

soft and mellow 

yet , filled with melancholy 

every note has its special place 

God orchestrates this tune 

tune that plays for a lifetime 

one may reach a rest 

may lead to a test 

yet, once the strings commence 

one finds this cadence 

to keep going forward 

there may have been a void 

God orchestrates the tune 

specifically placing notes in your life 

notes to help along this melody 

your drums may beat differently 

appreciate how your song is unique 

distinct from the rest 

in the end , you'll finish this tune ... 

better than you started 

perseverance & vigilance. 

adrian marcusComment