some views I wouldn't have 

some views I wouldn't have 

Some thoughts I wouldn't think 

Since we been rocking 

Ain't really no stopping 

Almost 3 years in 

It's crazy 

How someone who is just a friend 

Turns into a confidante 

Evolves into a lover 

Like no other 

You've had your share of heartbreak 

I've had mine to 

If I had to give my last breath

To anyone 

It would be you 

I thank you 

For you. Your patience. 

Your silent guidance 

Yet , adamant when needed 

Sometimes I'm in awe 

we intertwine seamlessly 

you get my jokes 

my resting bitch faces 

and I wouldn't replace us for anything 

our goofy ways 

prove how we can make light of 

Any and every situation 

rare to find our love in this generation 

didn't want to say much ... just , 

Iloveyou , it's close together because 

Only God could fit between us. 

as long as we keep Him center of us 

We are sure to come out  first

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