Spotting elegance within the chaos

Spotting elegance within the chaos


Are a constant insurance 


Transcribe violence

Yet , the ones delegated for protection 

Don't even adhere to  us 

They don't hear us 

Hate passed from previous generations

Constant underlining of shade 

I don't know how one feels today 

Can I breathe here ? 

Two hands up 

It's encoded in their minds  

Mouth open , loud cries 

Embedded across their souls 

And it's my demise

To assassinate the bros 

Look them dead in the eye 

Single handedly

To rob a life 

Instinct , to instill 

Numb us 

To die 

Fear and anxiety 

Why ? 

Another hashtag 

We live under the same sky 

Another plug pulled 

Your superiority 

Doesn't grant you seniority over this land 

When it was built on the backs of our ancestors delve into our history books

Stop making a mockery of the same nation who birthed you 

Beautiful soul ... you're gone 

There shouldn't be a question of who is first

A hearse 

Cursed for being you

From birth  


Does bound you to stigmas

Break out & be free 

For God is within thee 

Just take heed 

And believe 

Wait , now Sandra Bland 

Had to much knowledge 

Made if she didn't say anything she'd still be here 

Oh this land 

Land of the free 

Or Trayvon , who was gunned 

For a hoodie 

Maybe Michael 

Shouldn't have been black 

Seems to be the only thing

That gives them the green to attack 

Remember , hug those you love 

We don't have the clock of life 

That comes from the most high Creator 

Seize the day , breed positivity day in & day out

Know that you're Love & light 

Love & light abound. 

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