Let's go in 

Let's go in 

Dive to the depths 

Hearts filled of emotions 

Go into this ocean 

Sea of love 

the same way we found nemo

Let's swim deeper  

Just keep going

Further down you'll find 

The crevices of our thoughts 

Layers beneath 

No inhibition 

What's between you & me though? 

Urchin in the way  you react 

Releasing these true facts 

Yet you decide to neglect 

Without a second guess 

Solid like a rock 


You can't seem to let go 

Past thoughts 

It's like being stuck in a past life 

You've evolved 

Yet you can't adjust

Out of place 

Out of tune

Out of touch

Jelly slips 

Right out of hand 

Conundrum, commotion 

Where's the devotion ? 

Sun set right before dusk 

Time to put the work in 

Before we both self destruct 

Feelings are not to be toyed with 

Yet , this is us 

Bri DesiComment