See sometimes words

See sometimes words

They sting with bullets

Never missing the target

Spoken with such angst 

Intended for sting

Comes quickly & unexpectedly 

To be held on an imaginary scale 

Continuously compared 

Why does it matter? 

Wouldn't you ... rather be 

Be yourself in a world full of clones

Not to say it will be easy 

Don't try to please others 

That's how you lose you

You as in your essence 

See when you come into this place 

Your presence 

Your aura 

Are forces , yes forces 

To reckon with 

Tell me how will you change the world 

If you don't start with yourself first 

Words may sting 

They say , "you'll never amount to anything " 

Move in silence 

Know that the Lord said vengeance is mine 

So God will lift you up 

In due time 

Patience, in due time. 

Bri DesiComment