When one has inscribed you on their hearts

When one has inscribed you on their hearts

You shouldn't be erased 

See , the heart is sacred 

Isn't on display 

For all to see 

It depends on what you rather share 

There's only so much one can bear 

If you come to the sanctuary 

Also known as the mortuary 

One should be prepared to give praise 

Not to bury another soul today 

The words 

The swords 

Are darts that continuously may pierce 

Pinch in ways that aren't visible 

Soul ties 

Are what lies beneath the surface 

You can't contain it 

Something said 

Glad God knows what's thought 

Before it's uttered 

And sometimes when I stutter 

I see it as a means for me to rethink 

Am I uplifting ? 

Or am I killing ? 

See , not only words hold weight

But the intentions are transferred along the way 

The exchange 

The messenger

And the receiver 

All have specific tasks to fulfill 

Which one will you uphold ? 

To bring about change 

To be the sender 

Or to lead the movement 

All of these are within you to answer 

The tools ? 

Given to you , from the most high creator 

Bri DesiComment