Who care your daddy couldn't be here

Who care your daddy couldn't be here 

Things got rough 

Yet you grew 

You hit nails in the road 

Yet you prevail , to accelerate 

In to your destiny 

Who cares your daddy couldn't hear 

You've learned to be observant 

This invisible guard has been given to you 

Some can approach you

Will eventually hurt 

Some will love 

It will be misunderstood 

You're digging 

A piece is lost 

A lesson wasn't taught 

Extra skin , made you tough 

Just a girl from the bluff 

Bastard child 

Acclamation of your pedigree 

Pieces are missing 

Attributes are given 

Sometimes , is it worth living ? 




If you're not supported 

These are the few stigmas or diagnoses 

One thing could have fought this 

If your daddy was here 

To hold you 

Speak to you 

Hug you 

And shield you from the cold 

Teach you the ropes 

Bri DesiComment