Launch Love.

The launch of Divulge Dezi , February 16,2019. A catalyst in the norm to how Dezi does life . Writing poetry has always been her outlet . To actually recite her piece before friends and family had to be nothing less than intimate and heartfelt. Join her on this ride into the woman she’s evolving into and how she exudes power and love throughout her narrative of truly knowing herself. Turning 25 , was a huge deal. Coming from the hood of Flatbush , life wasn’t always gravy. Biggie’s Juicy is her motivational anthem , reassuring her nonetheless, we may go through life but we will all reach the peak of our success. The pinnacle will not be the end of you.

“Birthdays were the worst days , now we sip champagne when we thirstay”—Notorius B.I.G

Divulge Dezi , 2.16.2019 . Dezi is a an artist who is finally sharing her self expression to the world. Digging into Dezi , her authentic self. Giving everyone a glance into her lens through her poetry.
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