The Blues.

Everyone has experienced it before , you get an idea , you work on it like a mad man then after the results you yielded weren’t what you envisioned , you kind of hit this awkward wall. Like fuck ! What am I doing that’s not causing the outcome that I’ve intended to happen ?! Well , well young grasshopper , the tree did not bloom overnight.


Think about it ! You take time , whether it’s to get from point A to point B. To grow from one level to the next , evolving to your highest self. Now , this is not to discourage you. Just put this into perspective , right ? If God blesses your genius mind with an idea , you execute it and the outcome has not come to fruition , you must continue ‘til it becomes your reality. I believe God wouldn’t tease you with something that’s already placed within. Activate. Activate. Activate your POWER.

Reel it back in Dezi ,

I say all of this to say after my launch ,yes , February ! I have had some serious writer’s block y’all. This is not like me. I took some time away from social media for various reasons. I am going through a transition and at times during those moments you have to return to your heart. By heart , I mean the true essence of your being , what moves you , what makes you want to get up in the morning. Get back to what makes you feel like YOU. I don’t know who needed to read this but , just keep going no matter what they say love. You are light.

You are love.

You are champion.

Wisdom nugget :”Go back to your heart. It will always lead you home.”

Bri Desi