Line between love and hate 

Will it truly be, will it truly be ...

What’s best for 

What will test 

When to rest 

Yet I don’t need the word with “ s “

See certain thing bring out certain reactions 

Thought It was time to graduate on to the next 

Something has you vexed 

Why can’t you see 

You are blessed 

Roll forward 

The Carpet unravels before you 

bright lights 

Illuminate who you are on the inside 

On the surface everything is just fine 

Yet , deep down 

Heart thumps 

Surround sound

The truths 

Constantly on replay 

The dj wont stop playing this song 

Yet all along 

You feel some type of way 

Now is the night 

Moment of clarity

Not only for you but the audience

What’s really hidden

Between the sheets 

Underneath all the covers you’ve laid in 

Were you played 

Lured , tricked , kicked

Or did you truly love ? 

Line between love and hate 

Which one is your fate ? 

Love endlessly , without an end 

To hate and never live 

With both there’s a great risk 

Be careful for what you pick. 

Bri Desi