Do everything in love.


GOD orchestrates the tune …

specifically placing notes in your life , notes to help along this melody

your drums may beat differently

appreciate how your song is unique


Dezi is a poet , motivator , and a mover and shaker from Brooklyn who now resides in metro Atlanta. Dezi likes to do many things which include being with family & loved ones, reading (Starbucks is my spot, yall!), foodie ,and helping those around her reach their highest potential and she also supports The Primary; which is a young art collective that promotes , connects and showcases other creatives in the city.  At the tender age of thirteen she was introduced to poetry by her English teacher ; meanwhile,her parents were transitioning and going through a separation.

As Dezi continued to write , this is how she felt most confident to express herself. When she moved to Atlanta (high school) she noticed there was no special clubs for creatives. She started her own club and began to perform at local open mics around the city. Fun Fact: Her first open mic was during Black History month at Morehouse College .  Through her journey of self discovery and writing she has been inspired to share it with the world, that it may help & inspire someone who aspire to grow through the many different journeys we take throughout life.Most importantly help someone who was once in the same space she was.